Wimpy Dicks, the longtime San Luis Obispo County musicians have been around since early 1980. They've made their mark in the tri-Counties and have played with bands such as M.D.C., Social Distortion, Black Flag, Bad Religion, Dead Kennedys and others. The roster has changed througout the years, the latest in the form of a power trio: Rev Chain on guitar and vocals, Steven on drums and Shawm on bass & vocals.

Wimpy Dicks have also played with:
Special Forces, Doggy Style, Sea Hags, Christ on Parade, Beefeater, Saccharine Trust, Capitol Punishment, Leaving Trains, Descendents, D.R.I., Assexuals, D.O.A., Moist & Meaty, B.G.K. and Scratch Acid.

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